Immediate License Suspension?

Not only do you have to worry about the criminal case against you when arrested for DUI, you also may have a civil case filed against you that will result in your license being suspended!  

If the arresting officer reports that you refused to take a blood, breath or urine test, or you took one and your result was over the legal limit, you have only 30 days from the arrest date to request an ALS (Administrative License Suspension) Hearing. 

If you do not take this action, your driver’s license may be suspended for one year

This Rule applies to you if the officer reports that: 

  • You refused to take any of the 3 tests;
  • You took one of the three tests and your blood alcohol content was over the legal limit of 0.08;
  • After you tried to take the tests the police officer stated “you refused;” 
  • You were under 21 on the day of the arrest and your test result was .02 or higher; 
  • You had a CDL in your commercial vehicle when arrested and your blood alcohol level was .04 or higher; or
  • You do not know what your blood alcohol level was.

How Do I Know If I Need an ALS Hearing?

Did you:

  • Have your license taken at the scene, and were given a piece of paper “to drive on”?
  • Did the officer accuse you of refusing the field sobriety tests?
  • Did you refuse to give the arresting officer a blood sample?

What do I do?

  • Contact JBCLaw as soon as possible.  If you miss the 30-day window, there may be no way to avoid your license suspension!
  • Prepare to pay a Hearing Request Fee to the Department of Driver’s Services – you must pay to be heard!

When charged with a DUI, it is very important that you know your rights and protect them. You must act fast and call our firm now.